One Year Later, Thank You!

Last night we celebrated our one-year anniversary with four good bourbons, lots of free giveaways, and a great group of people.

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already. Last summer, starting a whiskey club moved from a dream to a reality for Mark P., Mark W., Mike, and me as we asked our friends to take a chance on us and let us teach them a little about bourbon and rye whiskey. We invited everyone we knew to the Weller’s and Dionne’s windy apartment rooftop and tasted three bourbons together. At the end of the night, we hoped ten people would continue on with us as members.

By the following month we had 15 members and the word began to spread throughout Seattle on what we were up to. We have steadily grown each month with members and guests and are thankful for each of you who have joined us, whether it’s been for one time or many. I think we all have learned a great deal about whiskey, our palates have grown to detect more flavors, and we’ve had a lot of fun. Plus, through coming together financially, we've collectively been able to taste over 40 whiskies.

Along the way we’ve been blessed with a regular space to meet at Ballard Labs. Thank you Nathan for hosting us. Many distilleries, bars, and brand reps, who we now consider friends, have taught us a lot about whiskey. We’d like to thank 2bar Spirits, Copperworks Distilling, Heritage Distilling, Oola Distillery, Westland Distillery for your kindness and partnership in the local whiskey scene.

Also thank you to Savannah at Goorin Bros. Hat Shop, Dave at Jim Beam, Sam at Wathen’s Kentucky Bourbon, Andrew at Liberty, and Jon at Kickin’ Boot Whiskey Kitchen. You have all helped make this last year a great success. 

My wife cleans glasses and bottles, picks up whiskey for us, puts up with 6 boxes of supplies in the living room for days at a time before and after events, goes to bed many nights without me as I work on Collective related tasks, and helps edit and photograph for the blog. Without your help and constant encouragement, the Collective, as well as myself, would be a mess. Thanks for everything Pamela!

I’d also like to thank Mark Palfreeman, Mark Weller, Mike Dionne (who unfortunately for us, moved to Spokane), and their lovely wives for their partnership in this group. I couldn’t have done a fraction of this without you and look forward to 12 more months of drinking whiskey, laughing, and growing in friendship.

Happy 1-year Anniversary Seattle Whiskey Collective. Now let’s celebrate with a drink!