33 Drams: The Only Whiskey Tasting Notebook You Need

The Seattle Whiskey Collective hosts monthly whiskey tastings for our members and friends (seriously, get on the email list for invites). Along with social camaraderie, we set out to be a place that empowers those who attend our events to learn more about the spirit. And like anything, you have to taste multiple whiskeys and compare them to discern the subtle differences and decide what you like.

So, we give out optional tasting note sheets at our events so people can write things down and save for later. Although this is extremely gratuitous and we are overly kind for doing so, there is also an existing little book that does even better—it keeps 33 of these notes conveniently together in your pocket.

Meet 33 Drams of Whiskey, a whiskey tasting notebook to rule them all. We now also give these out free to all paying members of SWC.

About the Books

Back in 2006, Portland home brewer and beer blogger Dave Selden struggled to find a good solution to remember what he was tasting when "researching" at numerous beer festivals. From this need, "33 Beers," a pocket-sized book with the tasting note essentials, was born. Due to its wide adoption and ease of use, the company 33 Books was created, and books for wine and whiskey (that's us!) were added to the repertoire.

Tasting Note Categories

Each page of the 33-whiskey book includes the following details to give you a quick snapshot of the whiskeys you taste:

  • Whiskey: name, distiller, age, origin
  • Rating: out of 5 stars, what was your overall impression?
  • Notes: you've got thoughts that don't fit in a category. Write them down!
  • Color: hopefully not clear...
  • Flavor Wheel: this is where the book truly shines. It's not as in-depth as the pros might desire, but a summary of things like "balance" and "linger" with notes like "spicy," "floral," "woody," or "sweet" create a visual custom wheel shape that can be quickly compared with the other whiskeys in your book.

The Quality, If You Care

If you have a knack for print and design, you'll appreciate not only the convenience of the book but its print quality, too. Here are the specs:

  • Cover: 18pt Kraft uncoated chipboard
  • Interior: 70# text, recycled white stock
  • Inks: black and a metallic bronze, including drops of real whiskey
  • Binding: saddle-stitched
  • Dimensions: 3.5" x 5"

The book is printed on an offset press by Portland's Pinball Publishing as a Scout Books project.

Pick Up A Book

At $4, this thing is a deal if you want any chance of remembering what you drank three years ago—or even last month, for that matter.

Pick one up at the 33 Books website or become a Seattle Whiskey Collective member and join us next time around.

Happy tasting!