Tales of the Cocktail Roundup

Tales of the Cocktail, the world’s biggest cocktail festival, is less than two months away. This is the eighth annual festival, which is held each year in New Orleans. Last week they announced the top ten finalists for their Spirited Awards show. Seattle and Portland have a ton of potential winners. Here’s a look at the current standings. And the nominees are...


One of the Seattle Whiskey Collective’s favorite bars, canon: whiskey and bitters emporium, is nominated for the Best American Bar and the World’s Best Cocktail Menu.

  • Food and Wine Magazine says bar owner, Jamie Boudreau (and Jeffrey Morgenthaler, below) is one of the top 10 mixologists of the last 10 years.

Another of our favorite local spots, Liberty Bar, is up for the World’s Best Drink Selection.

  • The Seattle Times recently posted a video of bar owner, Andrew Friedman, making glasses out of old liquor bottles.

Paul Clarke, cocktail writer and newly appointed executive editor of Imbibe Magazine is in the mix (pun not intended, but then it kinda worked) for the Best Cocktail and Spirits Writer, a well deserved nomination for sure.

  • I’d highly recommend reading Clarke’s blog, The Cocktail Chronicles, in addition to Imbibe Magazine, which is the best cocktail magazine in the U.S. They also cover beer, wine, and coffee.


Our friendly city to the south is nominated for many awards, most of them coming from one of my man crushes (did I just write that?) Jeffrey Morgenthaler and the bar he manages, Clyde Common.

Morgenthaler is nominated for American Bartender of the Year as well as Best Cocktail and Spirits Writer.

  • See a great interview with Morgenthaler here.

Clyde Common could take the award for Best American Restaurant Bar, Best American Hotel Bar, and Best American Bar Team. It’s nominated for all three.

Portland also has a call out for the World’s Best Drink Selection in Multnomah Whisk{e}y Library. That wonderful bar may also be named Best New American Cocktail Bar. Brooke Arthur, of House Spirits, is up for Best American Brand Ambassador and Imbibe is nominated for Best Cocktail and Spirits Publication.

Congratulations to all the nominees. I don’t think it will take everyone winning for the world to know how great the spirits industry is in the Pacific Northwest, most already know. But the SWC is still looking forward to watching those awards roll in.