New & Improved SWC Website

Let's set things straight—Seattle Whiskey Collective's bread and butter is (and always will be) our monthly whiskey tastings, where real people come together and interact over one of their favorite beverages. We're about people—whiskey is the binding agent.

Beyond that, we also want to share what we are doing, both for our existing members and other whiskey fans in the greater Seattle area. To do this, we've added the following functions to our website:


Now we can provide tasting recap notes, whiskey industry news, cocktail recipes, local bar/distiller interviews, and more. We hope to grow whiskey interest and share as much as we can.


We want you to be able to make suggestions, ask questions, and contact us freely. So email us!

Additionally, we'd like to improve these features in the coming weeks:


Wouldn't it be nice to RSVP and pay for events on a service that synced to your calendar? We think so too, and we're working on it. The goal is to pay and register for one-time events with Eventbrite, all through our new site.


Additionally, we'd like to move the entire membership process onto our site, rather than diverting to PayPal and creating extra steps. Sorry, PayPal, we're just not that into you.


None of this is rocket science. But these are necessary changes as we grow and become more embedded in the Seattle whiskey scene. Please be patient as we make things better.

Word of mouth is our greatest ally—please share this website and blog with a friend or two!